In the last video, Business Opportunity Questions They Don’t Want You to Ask, I discussed addressing myths of successfully marketing your business opportunity.

Let’s dig into that a little deeper today and get to Business Opportunity Secrets They Don’t Want You to Know.

To recap, a popularly held and promoted belief is that all it takes to make money-from-home with a biz-op is:

  • An enticing Capture Page

  • A well written email autoresponder sequence

  • A good product, service or training

  • An amazing video sales letter

  • Quality traffic and leads

  • Consistency in your marketing

Yes, all of these components aid in the sales process.

But many opportunities lead with the opportunity.

When the company is based solely on the money making potential of the business, prospects sponsor search.

The question is, why would they NOT go with you? After all, you introduced them. You spent your money on advertising. You sent them to the sales funnel. But, they didn’t join you - they joined someone else.

Which leads me to share with you...

Secret #1 The Law of the Master Hunter

We are biologically programmed for survival. In past times, in search of meat you would learn and follow the master hunter - the guy who could track beasts through brush, rocky mountains and poisonous jungles.

This master hunter could advise the hunting party how to surround the beast, avoid pitfalls and slay the animal for meat.

If you happened to sleep in and miss the hunting party You might follow some dufus hunter - who talked a big game but in reality never captured a beast, was skinny from lack of food and whose arrows rarely could hit the mark.

When the hunting party got back, you’d see the women joyfully embrace the warrior men, take the beast - gut it, clean it, add spices and fruits to prepare a delicious meal.

Grain alcohol would be served, laughter and pats on the back would wildly be given and a celebration fire would be kindled.

At the campfire, each warrior of the expedition would take his turn retelling in detail the trials and triumphs of the hunt - always looking to the master hunter for approval.

And there over in the corner hut would be you - the guy who followed the dufus hunter and had an empty bowl and nothing but anger in his belly for dinner.

You would tell yourself, the NEXT time the hunt is on - I’m going to be right next to the MASTER HUNTER. Because you don’t want to go hungry again.

And that is why people sponsor search - because they don’t trust you to lead them to success. They won’t follow the fool again.

Stay tuned for the next video when I go over Secret #2.

This is Rich O’Brien, I’ll see you in the next video.

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