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Abundance Network Review

In this Abundance Network Review I'll exam the SMS lead generation product, comp plan, how to leverage it to promote your MLM and go over my limited time offer bonuses if you choose to get started today.

I’ll also keep it real and to discuss some of the concerns that people have about this program.

Just a little background on myself before we get started. I’m the creator of Mobile Marketing Code membership site and have my own SMS Texting Platform.

​I’ve been mobile marketing for over a decade and as a result I’ve been able to travel around the world, market from the cafe’s of Italy to marketing from my mobile phone on a hammock in Cancun.

​Like Gary Vaynerchuk, ‘I’m all in with mobile marketing.’

In fact, he has set up his own texting platform (which he charges $19.99 a month and around 10 cents per text).​

But he’s right, mobile isn’t the 2nd screen anymore, it’s the first. All of this brings me to the amazing possibilities that smartphones bring to recruiting in MLM.

Let me share with you this little discussed truth:

He who can spend the most on paid ads wins.​

​Traditional MLM is built on old school methods like home parties, 3 way calling, and prospecting friends and family.

​The weird thing is, there is very little marketing in Multi Level Marketing.

How do we as Internet marketers make it in Network Marketing with companies tying up our hands as to how we generate leads?

​We do what the big time MLM folks like Eric Worre and Ray Higdon do: we sell an info product or a lead generation tool on the front end. After we get them in our funnel, we promote our business on the back end.

The front end profits pay for the backend recruiting of your MLM.

Abundance Network Review

So how does Abundance Network fit into this funded proposal? 

With this service you can get paid to recruit. In fact, you can get paid of the leads your team generates. You’ll have to visit my website Text Prospector Pro for full details.​

I think it’s important to note that anyone marketing this product should have a MLM with a real physical product. Why? Because the product generates business opportunity leads.

So let’s go over the main Abundance Network SMS product called AVA.  The price for AVA is $150.  The affiliate earns $100 per sale, direct member to member.  

AVA is a voice and text automated bot.  When you join Abundance Network you receive a phone number. This number has a voice message. When the prospect calls they are asked a series of questions that you answer via text message from your phone.

AVA also collects their email address.  From there, the AI bot will continue to email and text your prospect until the join or ask to be removed. 

Paid to Generate Leads

Abundance Network will pay you .10 cents to generate a lead.  ​Not only will they pay you, they will pay you for the leads your referrals earn down multiple levels.  

To qualify for this lead generation bonus 2 out of 100 leads must convert into a sale to be paid on these leads.  ​

You can earn .25 cents per lead by becoming a Master Reseller.​

Abundance Network and Your MLM​

Once you’ve recruited an Abundance Network member you can begin to establish a marketing relationship and share with them your primary business.

I personally use the profits genereated ​from Abundance Network to run more ads. As members go through my mobile marketing training they learn about my CBD business.  So in essence, Abundance Network is paying me to generate my leads and grow my MLM.

Some concerns that people have about Abundance Network is that the first version 1.0 had some glitches in the chatbot.

The owner of the program, Jeff Long, went back to the drawing board, fixed the errors and simplified the comp plan.

My Abundance Network Bonuses.​

The main product with Abundance Network is an SMS virtual assistant that qualifies your prospects with voice and text.

The system pays you for qualified leads.

You get paid directly $100.

You can market your MLM to your members.

There is one additional income stream in the system called the Master Reseller license in which you can create your own SMS style virtual assistant. That product pays $500 to the rep.

Imagine how much paid advertising you can do with that!

Remember, he who can spend the most on leads wins. Visit Text right now and get started today.

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