Watched on Netflix: Tony Robbins – I’m Not Your Guru

If you ever wondered what it would be like to attend Tony Robin’s ‘Date with Destiny’ this documentary takes you right inside the event. My takeaways: (1) Tony can through down the ‘F’ bomb like Steph Curry shots 3s (2) Is he a carnival barker/faith healer or modern day John the Baptist? (3) Change happens in a moment.

Experiences – I saw Keith Urban in Lake Tahoe

I saw Keith a few years ago – and he was great. This time around – he was stellar. Keith's new Ripcord album is and showcases his guitar shredding and embrace of modern music. Keith is likable good guy - and that can’t be faked. If you’re a Keith fan, go see him on this Tour.

Quote I’m Pondering

I listened to a podcast featuring comedian Mike Birbiglia. When discussing his writing approach to movies and comedy he said ‘only emotions endure.’ This last year I have made a conscious effort in my marketing to express emotion in everything I send out – emails, videos and conversations on the phone – with the objective of making connections – and you do this by conveying emotions.

Tech. Sony Stopped making Cassette Recorders

I didn’t even know they were still being made. In a way, that’s too bad – tapes will last longer then some SD chip that always seems to get lost. Read article here.

Questions I Was Asked by a Prospect This Week.

This guy had watched one of my Youtube videos and asked ‘why should I join you?’ Obviously the guy was sponsor shopping. I rambled on for a few minutes, told a story or two about how I got started and left it at that. Afterwards I thought to myself ‘ next time I get the question flip the script and ask them why I should want to work with them.’ Just a thought.

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