A few nights ago I attended Roger Water’s concert film The Wall. Water’s, one of the founding members of Pink Floyd, is now 72. But the show he put together was relevant and mind blowing – weaving together real scenes of him driving through France and Italy in search of his father and grandfather – who both died in WWI and WWII – and a gigantic wall with images and words ever changing.

The Wall is a metaphor of intentional isolation between us and reality. It protects us from feeling. Each incident that brings pain and disillusion becomes another brick in the wall. Eventually the wall becomes a prison separating us from our real self. Deep stuff 🙂

After seeing the film, I began to think about the ‘walls’ people construct in relation to our business. For some, every business they join becomes another brick in the wall. Their money is the mortar.

Slowly, these bricks form a wall – and the wall becomes a square – and the square becomes a prison. Flashed on the walls are feeling of frustration, anger and disappoint. Dreams aren’t realized.

Breaking Walls.

What is the hammer that breaks the wall: success or skill? I believe skill is what leads to success. Skills are gained through repetition of best practices. A best practice is a tested method or strategy that works.

Many marketers never make it their focus to gain the skills. Listen friend, programs come and go. They always have and always will. I challenge you to become a skilled marketer.

The skills revolve around lead generation and follow up. Skills take a lot of forms: email writing, traffic generation, video and social marketing etc.

The good news is that you don’t have to become an expert all at once. Just focus on mastering a couple things at a time. Become so good at it that people want what you have – skills.

With skills you can break the wall.

~ Rich

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