Can an orthodox  Jewish radio talk show host and a gut splitting atheist comedian come together to entertain and enlighten?  The answer is an emphatic, yes! Tonight I attended An Evening with Dennis Prager and Adam Carolla in a refurbished 1940’s theater in downtown Sacramento.

The audience was young to old; hipster to hip replacement citizens sat side by side and reveled in brain teasing and heart churning moveable feast.

After a a near standing ovation Adam and Dennis sat down on two stools and proceeded to be self deprecate. “It can only go downhill from here.” But, they were wrong.

Adam led off with explaining that he’ll be on Jay Leno in a few nights and previewed the story he’ll probably share. Apparently 6 months ago he was shooting a webisode with Jay Leno. During their outing in Corrola’s 1976 Ferrari, they run out of gas in the hood. Meth heads with toothless grins offered there thumbs up approval as they waited an hour for the tow truck to arrive.

Now Adam’s Ferrari is being properly babysat in Jay’s garage.

Dennis and Adam then spoke extemporaneously with am honest and revealing air that set the tone for the rest of the evening.  Among the topics covered were:

  • Overcompensating due to a natural lazy deposition
  • Adam’s joyless childhood (they were a Palmolive family)
  • How Christmas is a time all Americans should enjoy as a slice of Americana
  • How to raise kids with just the right amount of low self esteem so they have something to prove.
  • The distance between children and parents
  • and Corrola’s battle with the State to get his Mangria’s made and distributed.

An Evening with Dennis Prager and Adam Carolla

The evening concluded with a question and answer period. The audience members pitched questions about the future of American and the Sweedification of our country. However, the most touching moment was at the end. A man with cerebral palsy explained that the state helped afford him caretakers, living expenses and college access. He admitted that it would be highly unlikely to ever repay the state back in the form of taxes.

Adam fielded the response with a heartfelt acknowledgement that a good society looks after those who truly need it. We must to be compassionate and accommodating to those who no fault of their own, cant take care of themselves without public assistance.  He added, among those 47 million living off the government – probably 40 million of them could find a way to cook beans with a bouillon cube tomorrow so as to truly focus on the needs of those most dependent.

I left the theater thinking here are a couple of guys who speak openly and deep with a sense of humor about lifes rich pageantry – marriages, children, parenting, fulfillment, inadequacy, country,  happiness, and gratitude. Where else can you go in today’s society and hear such straight talk?

If you get an opportunity to see An Evening with Dennis Prager and Adam Carolla, go!










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