20KBTC Review

Welcome to my 20KBTC Review.  Today you will get an insiders look into 20KBTC.  I'll provide the good, bad and ugly.

Full disclosure:  I am an active affiliate with 20KBTC.  Personally, I don't like to read reviews from outsiders who have sparse insight and dispense misinformation for clickbait purposes.  I'm in it, I'm making bitcoin and believe that if you work the program you can do the same.

What is 20KBTC?

The 5th most searched for 'how to' term in 2017 was 'how to buy bitcoin.'  The 2nd most searched for 'what is' term was 'what is bitcoin.'  It's in the daily news, discussed at the water cooler and argued about at holiday dinner parties.

20KBTC is an education product provided by experts in the field of cryptocurrency to help the regular person buy and increase their opportunity to ride the massive explosion in cryptocurrency prices.​

The education is provided in the form of newsletters, video tutorials, live webinars and an active Facebook​ group.

20KBTC Review and Opportunity​

Anyone who purchases a 1 year membership for $299 worth of Bitcoin is also an affiliate.  That means, you can share your link and participate in the binary 20kBTC compensation plan.

Here's how it works:

In order to qualify for commissions, you must personally sale 2 memberships.  One on your right and one on your left.

Boom.  You just made $100 worth of bitcoin. ​

Once qualified, an IMD will earn $100 in bitcoin* on each membership sold by their minimum team’s combined effort, not to exceed $3,000* daily. All sales volume totals will hold and carry forward to the next day, less any sales volume already paid on. When an IMD is paid on 30 memberships* sold by their minimum team's combined effort in one day, their left and right team sales volume totals will be reset to zero for the next day.

Comp Plan Details

Our goal is to Help people earn bitcoin. Were going to empower the average person and its all based on education and a simple compensation plan that pays in bitcoin

The Ugly.

There are people who will say bitcoin is a joke.  My question is why are you so up on a currency (USD) that's going down and so down on a currency going up?​

Column 2

Another 'ugly' is that as of today (1/10/18) 20KBTC is in pre-launch.  The site looks very basic and The products are not fully released.  However, each day new features are being added.  It's a work in progress.

But when Bitcoin a year ago was $800​ nobody cared.  Now everyone wants it and wished they got it a year ago.  The same is true here; we are building an high demand educational platform and robust business opportunity that can pay you up to $3000 a day in Bitcoin.

20KBTC Bonus​

I like to reward action takers.  I can't say how long this will be available, but if you're reading it, you're lucky.  When you sign up with me in additoon to your membership I will provide marketing assistence to help you promote the business opportunity side of ​20KBTC

Mobile Marketing Code:  This is my 12 part video course on how to use your mobile phone, SMS platforms, keyword advertising, mobile advertising to explode your business.  Value $197

The Lead Academy​:  This is my private membership site with over 30 modules on all aspects of marketing, lead generation, recruiting, mindset and follow up.  Value $297

Audiobook Library:  MP3 downloads from authors like Zig Ziggler, Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Wayne Dyer and Tim Ferris.  Value $1997​

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