Pure Profit Pro Bonus

I have a special Pure Profit Pro bonus for you - aka an irresistible offer.  However, you must be willing to take massive action to receive all the bonuses.

Remember, it's massive action that will earn you those $1000 instant commissions.  The sooner you start, the sooner you make $

​The fundamentals of Pure Profit Pro (PPP) center around: self development, leadership and marketing.  Let's face it, without mastering these three core areas you won't do business.

The good news is, I've got you covered in all three categories with additional training.

How bad do you want it? How bad do you need it? Are you eating, sleeping, dreaming with that one thing on your mind? How bad do you want it? How bad do you need it? 'Cause if you want it all you've got to lay it all out on the line.

Tim McGraw

Pure Profit Pro Bonus

My goal for you is to see you succeed - perhaps for the first time - marketing and making money online. It's time for me to pay it forward and pass on my knowledge, skills and training to the deserving.  Even though I rank on page 1 of Google and Youtube, I don't want to be your competition. That's why I've decided to make all of my bonuses available to your reps.  

That's right, everything I'm giving you here, you'll pay able to pay it forward as well.  ​

Bonus #1:  The Lead Academy Scholarship

I have a private training website with over 20 modules of training.  Here are some of the topics covered:

  • ​Text Message Marketing
  • Ringless Voicemail Broadcasting
  • Video Marketing
  • Branding
  • Attraction Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • List Building
  • Periscope Mastery
  • Phone Prospecting
  • and many others

Bonus #2: Team Training Access

I belong to an underground network of some of the most accomplished marketers promoting Pure Profit Pro.  We call ourselves The Time Freedom Mastermind Alliance.  ​

TFMA is a learning community comprised of like-minded, dedicated entrepreneurs from all walks of life, who are committed to working together to assist others to reach their personal and business goals.


Our TFMA Training includes:

  • ​Fast Start Training
  • Live Business Opportunity Calls (Call to Freedom)
  • Live Dials: Listen live as successful team members call prospects
  • Recorded Calls to listen to at your convienince.
  • Live and Recorded Mindset Calls.  Get inspired.
  • Sample Scripts 
  • Marketing Plans
  • Live 24/7 Skype Group
  • Active Facebook Group
  • And much more

Bonus #3:  Personal Development Library

Note:  Bonus #3 is only available for those who join at Level 3 ($1000) You will be able to tap into my personal library of 177 ebooks and audioboks​. here are a few titles:

  • The Four Agreements: by Don Miguel Ruiz
  • The Four Hour Workweek: By Tim Ferriss
  • The 60 Minute Leader Challenge: by Jim Rohn
  • The Alchemist: By Paulo Coehelo
  • Awaken The Giant Within: by Anthony Robbins
  • How to Be a No Limit Person: by Dr, Wayne Dyer
  • The Secret: by Rhonda Byrne
  • ZigZigler:  See You at the Top
  • and much more

Personal development is the key to success. These titles are among the best modern books on the subject.  You will get access to PDFs and MP3 to load on your phone, laptop or tablet.

Bonus 3 is Limited

Was I right? Did I just make the most amazing offer ever?  


I'm giving you a day to make the decision to join to receive all 3 bonuses.  Of course you can join next week and get bonuses 1 and 2, but you will not get a library of personal development worth over $2000.  Take Massive Action Now!


Pure Profit Pro Review

Pure Profit Pro ReviewIn this Pure Profit Pro Review I promise to pull no punches and provide the skinny on this new business opportunity.

Full Disclosure:  I am an affiliate for PPP and I do have some real critiques about the program and simple work-around that will aid in your success.

Important Notice:  this review will cover both the products and the business opportunity and the awesome bonus I am offering. So read the entire page

I’ve been in the marketing game long enough to judge the stinkers from the winners.  I also know a powerful comp plan when I see one as well – and if you’re on my blog – then you may have been in more than a few marketing rodeos as well – lol.

Take note of this, the bonus offer that I’ll share with you, is not one you’ll find anywhere else (unless it’s someone already on my team – then you must go with them and simply use this review as a guide to cement your decision).

OK, let’s rock-n-roll.

Pure Profit Pro Review

PPP is in the lucrative business of digital product downloads and marketing education.  You’ll learn the closely guarded secrets and strategies of lead generation.  In addition, you’ll benefit from the self development education as well.

Because, let’s face it, if your head is cluttered full of self-doubt and complacency – it won’t matter how many leads you create.

More on the products in just a minute.  Let’s talk about

Get Pure Profit Pro

How You Make Money with PPP

The down-low: You’ll earn 100% commission and direct payments (you will pay a one-time admin fee as well – that’s how PPP makes their $).

It’s simple direct sales with a twist.

You’ll pass up you’re first sale to your sponsor. After that, you’re qualified to earn.  The good news is this: all your peeps will owe you there first sale all the way down. This means: residual income from work you didn’t do once your reps go to work.

There are three Product lines (each with their own product line).

  1. Pure Profit I:  Earn $250  (Video Series: List Building, Internet Marketing in 1 Hour, Facebook Traffic, Personal Growth)
  2. Pure Profit II: Earn $500 (Audio Series: Leadership, Mindset, Closing Strategies, Law of Attraction)
  3. Pure Profit III: Earn $1000 (Massive Video library – see site for full list)

The products teach the core of what it takes to be a successful part-time or full time marketer.  You’ll learn mindset, motivation, lead generation and technical skills to help you grow to become an expert.

But don’t worry, you don’t need to know everything to earn.  The process is simple: drive traffic, follow up, and close.  Much of that can be outsourced when you follow the connect the dots strategies I’ll teach you 🙂

Marketing PPP

The system is complete.  You can be up and running in minutes. Here’s what you get:

  • Capture Pages
  • Built in Autoresponder (no aweber required)
  • Powerful Sales video that does the selling for you
  • Simple Backoffice to track leads
  • Getting Started checklist
  • Traffic sources


Who owns PPP?  Johnathan Bain.  JB is the creator of the big ticket program Tidom (which costs $2000 t0 $22,000).  I’ve had incredible success with Tidom and regularly earn 4 to 5 figures part time.

Why did JB create this program?  Not everyone has several thousand dollars to start a home based business.

How do you get paid?  Any way you want: in the mail, Paypal, wire transfer, square pay, etc. It’s your choice.

Can I do this part-time?  Absolutely.  This program works for the beginner and seasoned marketer alike.

Pure Profit Pro Bonus

In order to make any money with an online business you need quality traffic.  PPP provides a few resources. This is the one area where I think they could do a better job. We all know that without leads, you don’t have a business.

The good news is, I have a lead generation training site called The Lead Academy.  Inside the Academy you’ll get access to my secret lead generation sources:

  • Text message marketing leads.  I’ll share with a company that advertises for business opportunities.  I’ll provide you my ads.  During the last test I did using this source I received 35 leads in one day.
  • Ringless Voice Messaging:  I’ll share with you my ringless voicemail scripts and wholesale source to drop 1000’s of mini ads into targeted phones.
  • Postcard Marketing Resources:  The site I share with you does it all – print, mail and includes the leads and labels.

In addition, The Lead Academy has over 20 modules of video training on:

  • Lead Generation
  • Phone Prospecting
  • Social Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Text Message Marketing
  • Secret strategies

You will receive $1297 in value!  

Not only that, ever member you recruit into PPP will be able to give scholarships away to The Lead Academy.  You will have the same bonus as I do!

You will also get added to our private team Skype group.  You’ll be part of a positive team of like minded forward thinking entrepreneurs.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Pure Profit Pro review.  If you have any questions give me a call: 619-796-3465

Get Started Pure Profit Pro



Steve Harvey: You’ve Got To Jump

Up until the Steve Harvey hit the headlines with his Miss Universe fumble, I was only aware that he hosted Family Feud – which I haven’t watched since the 80’s.  However, I came across this video of Steve going off script and speaking to his audience.  What he say’s next will challenge you.  Enjoy Steve Harvey – You’ve Got To Jump.

Go ahead and jump:


GoRingless Extreme Review (GORINGLESS)

go_ringless_extreme_review_goringless_extremeWelcome to the premier GoRingless Extreme review.  My name is Rich O’Brien and I produced the sales video for the home page of Go Ringless Extreme. As a result, this may be a biased review, but I do know the products inside and out.

I will nonetheless provide an accurate review and make you aware of some misconceptions marketers have when they purchase ringless voicemail drop systems and data-mining software,

Be sure to read the entire review to find out about my GRE bonus.

Goringless Extreme is a software collection of lead generation tools combined with a hands-free wholesale ringless messaging service.

Why Ringless Messaging over Voice Broadcasts?

I’ve been conducting voice broadcasts to promote business opportunities since 2009.  It was really easy back then to generate leads by voice broadcasting to landlines: buy a list or scrape together a list using software and send out recorded messages.  The recipient would then press one for more information.

In 2016, landline phones are a dying breed.  Most people do work and business with a cell phone.  However, due to FCC regulations, you can not voice broadcast to a cell phone without express permission.

That means scraping phone numbers, buying genealogy or business opportunity lists and voice broadcasting is no longer viable.  Or is it?

Introducing …

Go Ringless Extreme Review (GORINGLESS)

Ringless messaging allows you to record a message, usually a minute or less, and deposit the audio message in cellphone inboxes.  The phone never rings.

Messages, by the thousands, can be mysterious deposited into cellphones using enhanced information services.

ringless messaging voicemail


There are plenty of ringless platforms out there on the market.  What separates GRE from the rest is:

  • Wholesale pricing:  .0392 cents down to .0252 cents per delivered message.  Compare this to .10 a minute with iBuzz Express or SlyBroadcast,
  • Done for you service.  You don’t need to schedule or set up a broadcast.  Simply email your audio – or have GRE record it for you, and attach your list.  GRE does the rest.  Hands off – you just get the leads.

What is  the difference between GoRingless Extreme and GoRingless?

Each system contains software for data-mining.  Essentially, these tools extract email and phone numbers from directories and search engines.  Here’s a breakdown of the differences:

goringless goringless extreme comparison

The bottom line is both programs – and they are completely separate – have amazing datamining tools.  What seperates the Goringless software suite is that:

  • You own the software – no monthly fees
  • They can extract email addresses.  This gives GR a huge advantage over other extraction software and services as there are so many uses for email data.

In a moment you will be able to watch the entire webinar presentation here:

voicemail academy

But before you do, I have some amazing bonuses to offer action takers.  I am the owner of The Lead Academy.

A huge misconception that many marketers have is that if you purchase a tool like this you will automatically make money.  The plain truth is that people purchase from people they like, know and trust.  As a marketer of affiliate products, it should be your goal to build like, know and trust.  The good news is I have a training site that fills in the gaps to assist you in becoming a professional marketer.

The Lead Academy (TLA) is a subscription service to marketing training.  The costs $297.  When you join Goringless or Goringless Extreme you will get a free yearly scholarship.

TLA fills in the gaps and provides the necessary education and training for finding, connecting and networking with the leads you generate using the GRE software.

TLA has over 20 video modules.  Here are a few of the videos in TLA modules:

  • Data Extraction Tips and Tricks
  • Using Data Mining – Emails and Phone
  • Phone Prospecting
  • Scripts for Ringless Messaging
  • Video Marketing
  • Social Marketing
  • Text Message Marketing
  • Internet Basics
  • and so much more.

There is an additional bonus worth $997 that you can find out about

when you watch my Goringless Video here:voicemail academy


LeadJumper Review

lead jumper reviewLeadJumper Review: Once upon a time there was a software lead generation company called Leadnet Pro. LNP was sold and became Automatic Lead Tools.

Due to numerous issues that I won’t go into here, ALT folded.

Over the last several years I’ve used LNP, ALT and now Lead Jumper.  Be sure to read the entire review as I offer an incredible bonus for affiliates who join through me.

The original programmer of LNP, Dan Miller,  is back!  That’s great news because he is one of the bright lights in the online marketing niche. With Lead Jumper Dan has created a hybrid lead generation package of data mining extractors and marketing tools.


This review will not be a fluff piece.  There are things that are outstanding – but, there are some gaps in it as well.  Gaps, that I will hope to fill if you decide to jump on LJ.

The Tools

  1. Advanced data-mining extractors. The software must be uploaded to a server.  The benefit of not downloading the software is that the data-mining is extremely fast – faster than any other extractors that I’m aware of.  Simply enter a key word(s) and the software pulls from websites and directories.  For example “herbalife” would find potential reps websites and grab there info.
    1. Bing: extract cell phone numbers and website URL’s
    2. Google: same
    3. Merchant Circle: same (finds local merchants)
    4. Yelp: same
  2. Ringless Voicemail Drops.  Record a 30 – 60 second message and blast it to thousands of cell phones.  It’s called enhanced information service.  No phone call is made.  The recipient get’s your recorded message deposited in their cell phone voicemail.  Slick!
    1. It’s inexpensive.  Just 3.5 cents per delivered message.  The competition out there charges .10 cents.  This is true wholesale value and crushes much of the competition.
    2. You have full control.  You get a login, upload your lists and attach your audio message.  Press send and BOOM.  Your messages fly through the air and wires to your prospects phone.
    3. Landlines.  If you extract business landline phone #’s, you can even send live voice broadcasts for 2 cents.  !!!
  3. SMS Chat.  Create opt-in forms to capture cell phone #’s.  Chat with them in real time from your phone. SMS aka texting allows you to reach your customer and get your messages read and responded to faster than about any other medium.
    1. For US and Canada only
    2. 90% of text messages get read within 3 minutes.  POWER.
  4. Funnel Creators.  Create your capture pages and landing pages.
    1. You can create a slick capture page, integrate a webform like Aweber, and build your list.  The SMS chat is integrated.
    2. Make Landing pages and embed your video presentations. Add BUY buttons.  You can use this promote any business or affiliate offers.
  5. Networked Blog platform.  This isn’t WordPress. That’s good and bad.  I love wordpres and the site you’re reading right now is a WordPress blog.  But it’s taken me a few years to get this blog ranked in the search engines.  With a networked blog you harness all the blog posts from other bloggers in the network – which makes it search engine friendly.
    1. Takes a few minutes to create a blog post
    2. Can integrate all your social buttons like Linkedin, Facebook, etc.

The Price

  • $197 one time
  • $20 monthly.  This is WAY cheap.  I’ve been paying  $97 a month for ALT, so this is a bargain.
  • You’ll also need a hosting account to operate the software.  Anywhere from $5 – $20 a month depending on where you get it.


The Affiliate Program

ALT charged $497 a month and paid out $400.  You had to pass up almost ever 3rd sale.  In addition, you had to have your own merchant account. Lead Jumpers compensation plan is simple:

  1. Earn $150
  2. No merchant account needed.
  3. Get paid from the company every few weeks.
  4. No pass ups.

Personally, I think the price should be $497 because I liked the $400 payments.  But, $150 is nothing to shake a stick at.  You’ll have to make it up in volume or channel your affiliate sale partners into your primary biz op.

My Lead Jumper Bonus.

LJ lacks training on marketing.  I own a site called The Lead Academy.  I charge $297. For a limited time I’m offering a free scholarship to reps who join through my Lead Jumper Review link.

In The Lead Academy you’ll get over 20 Modules of Video training in the following areas:

  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Branding
  • Phone Prospecting
  • Media Buying
  • Google Adwords
  • Free Lead Generation Strategies
  • Postcard Marketing
  • Ringless Voicemail Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook Ads
  • Internet Basics (Aweber training, Paypal, GoDaddy, etc)
  • And so much more.

Last year I made over $20,000 promoting ALT very part-time.  Lead Jumper is 5X the value.  I expect this to be a big hit.

Got Questions? Call me Six-One-Nine 796-3465

Get Started with Lead Jumper today: Click here


Go Ringless Review

go ringless review
In this Go Ringless review, I’ll highlight key features that you must know before purchasing this voicemail messaging system and data mining software.  I’ll also reveal my Go Ringless Bonus.

Yes, I do have a bias in this review as I am an affiliate (meaning I make $ when you use my link – I’ll teach you how).  However, I’ll let you know my real world experience using ringless messaging.  I’ll also point out a few weaknesses (that I plug in) to make this a must have system and toolset for generating daily leads and exploding your business.

Go Ringless Review

Back in October of 2009 I had my first $1000 day in online marketing.  The product I was selling was a voice broadcasting platform.  However, voice broadcasting has fallen out of favor because of two reasons:

  1. FCC Laws against live robo calls
  2. The rise of the cell phone.

It’s totally illegal to voice-broadcast to a cell phone as you force the listener sometimes to incur fees (minutes) while taking an unsolicited call. This makes calling leads difficult.  You can buy thousands of phone leads for business opportunity seekers for 2 cents a lead.  But what are you supposed to do with them?

Disruptive Innovation: Ringless Messaging

Some smart programmers figured out how to avoid making the phone ring (thus not incurring fees) and drop a voice message into the voicemail inbox of the recipient.

Go Ringless is an ‘all-inclusive’ ringless messaging system.  Some features include:

  • Drops recorded messages into voicemail in boxes
  • Hands free: Simply send your recording and list to company, they manage the rest.
  • Wholesale pricing: 4 cents to as low as 2.52 cents per 60 second message
  • Data mining software to pull cell phone numbers from directories like All Pages or search engines like Bing
  • No monthly fees.  Just a one time payment of $297
  • Generate near instant results

I personally use ringless voicemail drops to promote my big ticket direct sales business by leaving thousands of messages a day in the voicemail boxes of opportunity seekers. My message is something like this:

Hi, this is Rich, I wanted to reach out to you – you must be busy today, went straight to voicemail.   I understand you’re looking for a business all I do is advertise a recorded call.  People listen in, if they like what they hear, the leave me there phone.  You can call it right now: 916-287-9888.  That’s it!”

Only interested prospects leave a message – and that’s who I call back!  Pretty simple right?  Alternatively, I could send them to my website if I wanted.

I also have other messages to send to active and inactive network marketers and sell them the Go Ringless system.  How do I get their phone numbers? I use the provided data miners.

Go Ringless Compensation Plan

I love easy to understand comp plans.  Here it is:

  • Sell a Go Ringless system:  Earn $200
  • Your new member owes you their first sale – which is called a’training sell’.  After that, they are qualified and make $200 a pop forever.
  • You get paid directly – I personally use Paypal

Go Ringless Bonus

A weakness of the GR is that there is very little training in the back-office. I am on the owner of The Lead Academy.  I teach and train how to generate leads, follow up and close sales using technology and a personalized approach.

I have over 18 modules.  Here are a few:

  • Text Message Marketing
  • Postcard Marketing
  • Social Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Scripts for network marketers
  • etc.

This month alone I have made $14,500 in my primary business working part time (I’m a full time high school teacher) from home using the strategies I teach in The Lead Academy.

I charge $297 for TLA. But if you decide to join today, you get a free scholarship.  As an added bonus, you will get the rights to give away free scholarships to your recruits. That is another $997 value.

Got questions? Call Rich 619-796-3465.  Otherwise, view my Go Ringless Review presentation now.


Little Ticket to Wealth Review 2016

little_ticket_to_wealth_review_2016In this Little Ticket to Wealth Review 2016 I will share with you my honest opinion on the products, services and opportunity that LTTW presents.

This is a biased review as I am promoting Little Ticket to Wealth  and do offer a $1297 bonus when joining to my personal training site: The Lead Academy.

However, I’ll also share some concerns and misconceptions you should be aware of before you pull out your credit card and sign up as a member.

This program has undergone a strategic evolution since it’s first appearance on the seen in 2009.  Back then, it was bulk business opportunity leads and a very complicated bulk emailer.  Therefore, most leads would pile up and go stale like a potato growing sprouts turning brown and squishy.

That’s all changed.  Introducing…

Little Ticket to Wealth 2016 Review

There are 3 new Levels available to you which you can see on the LTTW sales page.  Let’s break down what you get with the Boss Level:

  1. Bulk Business Opportunity Leads
    1. 10K Buyer Leads
    2. 5K Survey Leads
    3. 500 Phone Interviewed Leads
    4. 10K Voice Blast leads
    5. 1K Cell Phone Leads
  2. Bulk Emailer (Powered By Email):  No need to worry about getting a hosting account, warming up an IP or complicated steps to get bulk email out.  Flip a few switches and out your bulk leads go into thousands of email in boxes! There’s even a done for you solution.
  3. Ringless Voicemail Drops aka RVM or Ringless Messaging.  All you do is login, upload your list, add a voicemail message and press play.  From there, the system dials and drops messages in the inbox of voicemails without ringing the phone.  No interruptions.
  4. Call Center.  This new addition is perfect for the newbie or busy marketer.  Let LTTW call back your leads for you and answer questions.  They will call up to 20 leads a month for you!
  5. Earn $600 per $660 sale.  You earn 10x more then admin!  Plus, as a Boss level affiliate you don’t pass up any sales.

Who is LTTW right for?

  • Network Marketers
  • MLM reps
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Home based Entrepreneurs

The Reality of Using Little Ticket to Wealth Leads and Tools

On the face of it, it seems like a slam dunk – you have thousands of leads to prospect with and the tools to contact them.  Many people have joined in the past and have not made a single sale. While others have gone on to have massive success with the leads.

So why the discrepancy? There are a variety of reasons; for example:

  • The offer being promoted is not congruent with the list.
  • The offer sales page is not captivating
  • The marketer doesn’t focus on list building and connecting with the prospect
  • The marketer quits before success can take place – they plant the seeds but walk away never to return to the harvest
  • They don’t do anything with the leads.  Yes, this happens all the time.
  • The marketer doesn’t know what to do once they get a lead.

Little Ticket to Wealth Bonus

I have a video training site called The Lead Academy.  There is more to marketing than blasting email messages and dropping voicemails in thousands of phones.  In the Academy I’ll teach you all the aspects of marketing.  My training fills in the gaps and equips you to be a professional marketer.  Membership to The Lead Academy costs $297.  By joining LTTW through my link you will receive a free scholarship.  Training’s include:

  1. Text message marketing
  2. Voice broadcasting
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Data mining (laser target your prospect)
  5. Postcard Marketing
  6. Media Buying
  7. Social Media Marketing
  8. Youtube Marketing
  9. Google Adwords
  10. Building Your Brand
  11. How to Create Your Own Digital Marketing Products
  12. How to Set up Autoresponders (Aweber and Get Response)
  13. How to Set up Paypal Payments
  14. Internet Marketing Basics
  15. SEO
  16. How to Prospect using the Phone (scripts included).
  17. Skype Marketing
  18. Video Marketing
  19. Periscope Marketing
  20. and new modules being added regularly!

24 Hour Bonus offer

If you join today you will receive a $1000 bonus: The ability to give away scholarships to The Lead Academy.  You will have the same bonus as I do.  That way, if you start promoting LTTW and your prospect goes bonus offer shopping you won’t be outdone.

I hope you have enjoyed my Little Ticket to Wealth Review 2016  if you have any questions, call me (six one nine) 796-3465

~ Rich ‘the teacher’ O’Brien


Traffic Authority Review – Is this a Scam?

traffic authority review scamIs Traffic Authority a Scam? In this informative blog post I hope to answer that question with relevant first hand results.  There will be some biases in this article as I am a Traffic Authority affiliate and make money of the sale of TA products and services.

However, I hope to provide you my honest opinion of the strengths and weaknesses of this program in an effort to assist you in making an informed decision.

Traffic Authority Review

What is TA? TA is a combination of marketing tools, educational programs, and done for you PPC traffic.

The owners of the program are Greg Chambers Doug Wellens and Chad Stalvey.  Other members of the Executive team include Adam Whiting and Joe Neid.

I was familiar with Whiting as he has created multiple marketing funnels for other programs like MCA.  As a teacher and tutorial creator for The Lead Academy I have appreciated his work from afar and as an end user.

Whiting’s designs always include personal story based engaging videos, ready-made follow up systems, and step by step members areas.

As far as Joe Neid, several years ago I was in a program created by Joe Neid: Lifepath Unlimited.  LU was a top tier program centered around self development.  LU also had an incredible marketing system and life transforming seminars held around the world. Joe now does the daily radio call in show for TA – which is phenomenal.

The owners I knew from CPC broker – which had no opportunity – they just sold clicks.

From my vantage point these successful marketing guys joined forces to create a super-system.

The final puzzle piece for me deciding join was a marketing friend of mine had joined the program – Vincent Ortega Jr. I knew Vincent from a program I successfully promoted called Internet Lifestyle Network – a company he co-owned with 7 figure Mark Hoverson.  See pic below

With that said, I felt very comfortable knowing or knowing of all the primary players involved in Traffic Authority.  They’re all pros with successful track records in the biz-op world.

The Products

Level 1:  Traffic Optimizer $47 a month

This product consists of tools:

  • Tracking links
  • Timers
  • Exit Pop ups
  • Site Monitor (let’s you know if any of your sites go down)
  • Capture page creator.  Unfortunately, this has been under construction for a few months.  It’s probably the weakest link in the program.

Level 2: Traffic Academy $97 a Month

This training course consists of an ever growing library of marketing training on topics such as:

  • Email marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Certified Marketing (capture pages, marketing funnels, conversions and traffic).
  • More added all the time

 The Traffic Packages

TA sells CPC traffic to business opportunity websites.  CPC means cost per click.  These clicks are purchased in packages raning from $220 TO $8400.

To activate your traffic you simple copy the URL you want to send traffic and activate it.  That’s it.

Beware of Clickbait Reviews of Traffic Authority

I’ve read a few other so-called Traffic Authority reviews out there from IM trolls.  Their only goal is to say Traffic Authority is a scam and then get you to click on their weblink to whatever junk their pitching.

The goal of all Internet marketing is traffic and conversions.  That’s it. Both require skills, guts, trial and error.

The sad reality is that most everyone that attempts making money online fails.

Sure, you could complain that Traffic Authority’s traffic is crap and doesn’t produce any sales. But you could also look at this objectively and at least wonder why it works for some people and fails for other people.

It can’t be all luck.

Perhaps it has to do with the fact that the more experience, skills and traffic you accumulate the more money you make.

Traffic Authority has gone out their way to support reps – they have daily live trainings with call-in-live question and answers.  They are updating the back-office, adding new trainings, streamlining methods and operations – all good signs.

Traffic Authority Bonus

I own a lead generation tutorial video training site called The Lead Academy.  Inside the Academy is a series of of over 20 video modules on various aspects of lead generation – some that aren’t even being taught like text message marketing for business opportunities.

The course sells for $297.  Members who join me in TA get access for FREE.  In addition, if you purchase a traffic package you get to use Traffic Authority as a bonus – as if you created it yourself.  This is a $997 value!

But that’s not all!

I have a $4,000 SECRET bonus that I’ll share with you after you join and purchase a Gold or Platinum package.  This involves being part of my private team of marketers who advertise a phone number and make $2000 to $22,000 per sale.

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Tidom Review

tidom review In this Tidom Review I’m going to keep it real.  Yes, I am an affiliate and therefore have some biases.  But, hopefully you’ll notice I have some unique insights that may help you make a decision about going forward with this business opportunity.

>> Note: disclaimer at bottom of the page <<

I’ve been involved with big ticket programs since 2009.  Back then, a big ticket item was $1,000.  You can read about my big ticket journey here.

The lure of these programs is easy enough to understand: you can make $2000 – $22,000 in a single day.  As an educator with a fixed monthly check – that really appealed to me.

It doesn’t matter how hard I work or how much impact my teaching has on youth – my rewards will never be monetary – except for a great retirement plan 🙂

So, here I am – teacher by day – marketer by night. It’s taken me a few years and several programs – but marketing success has finally arrived. I’m one the 3% who actually make money online.

I’m not boasting – just grateful that I figured out the weird science of marketing and making money online. Now I get to use my teaching skills to train other’s and hopefully shave years of frustration off their marketing career.

Which leads me to my big ticket program:

Tidom Review

Here’s your first lesson.  Tidom is a portmanteau – a word created by combining two other words.  For example: chill + relax= chillax.

Time + freedom = Tidom.  Get it now? lol.

Johnathan Bane, the creator if Tidom, must have written out a list of issues with other big ticket direct sales  programs and a list of best practices of successful programs. His intention was to simplify the process of earning big income. Here’s what I think the list looked like and the solution:

  •  Monthly admin fees —–> no monthly admin fees. No pressure learning – learn and earn without a dreaded monthly payment
  • Complicated compensation plan —-> Simple 1 up qualification.  Just sell a package and become qualified to earn on that package. From your 2nd sale and onward you will earn.
  • Some affiliates don’t have the time or want to call leads and close sales —–> Call Center automates the process.  The system can market for you and then qualify your leads and close them.
  • Outdated PLR products ——-> Cutting edge marketing training.

Here’s the bottom line: you can make $2,000 – $22,000 using a cutting edge system.  It’s plug and play easy.

This is where I get real.  

Joining Tidom, or any other biz-ops, is not a guarantee to make you money.

When I first got into this online marketing world, I had one question: what do successful marketers do that others don’t?

After stumbling around and loosing lot’s money I finally figured it out.  Here it is:

  1. You need a system. A system that makes sense, that anyone can do, and that duplicates
  2. You need lead flow.  The leads need to be highly targeted and easy to contact.
  3. You need a human being to help close sales. Prospects buy from people – not robots. If it was robots, then all you would need is a really good one.
  4. You need to grow and develop as a marketer.  Increasing influence will increase your bank account.

Tidom has all pieces in place – digital products, clean website, closers, weekly calls, attentive support desk, plug and pay.

I am part of a team within Tidom.  Our team has developed capture pages, presentations, and offers a live 24/7 team Skype room.  You will always been in the loop and rolling with a crew of successful marketers.  Our live calls and webinars will  help you close more sales.  We’ll be that 3rd party verification that you must have to sell big ticket items.

My Tidom Bonus

For prospects that partner with me, you will get access to my personal training site The Lead Academy,  I’ve been teaching and training marketers for several years.  You’l get access to my personal training library and be able to share it with members you bring in. This is a $1497 value.

Fast Action Bonus: Members who join will be able to get free leads up to a year.  You will get access to my direct source of highly qualified traffic that will build your ever growing Tidom list. I only provide details this bonus offer over the phone.

I’ve rambled on enough.  At this point, visit my website and give me a call.  I’m fairly easy to talk to and wont be hard selling you over the phone – just provide whatever it is you need to make an informed decision.

You can call me here (six one nine) 796-3465



Tidom Review



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